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Kapyderm Distribution

Introducing Kapyderm

Kapyderm is the leading, specialist manufacturer of professional products targeted at the hair and scalp issues which culminate in hair loss. The product range is supported by the International Association of Trichologists and has been used by a large client base in Europe for over 20 years.

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Join the School of Dermotrichology Network and become a distributor for Kapyderm

Kapyderm products are exclusively available through a network of qualified trichologists to ensure customers receive a professional consultation, diagnosis, relevant product advice and appropriate treatment.

The courses we offer at the School of Dermotrichology are aimed at health and beauty professionals who want to become qualified trichologists and exclusive distributors for Kapyderm. Our aim is to make hair and scalp care more readily available by providing hair and beauty industry professionals with specialist knowledge and training.

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For more information about  our products, services and business opportunities please contact us on 0113 320 0866.

If you’d like more information on becoming a Kapyderm Distributer
call us today on 0113 320 0866