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Hair Laser Technology

The Power of Cold (LLLT) Laser Therapy

At Haair we provide specialist hair laser technology using low level lasers (LLLT) or ‘cold’ lasers. As opposed to ‘hot’ lasers, cold lasers emit very little heat allowing treatment to be completely pain free with no side effects. The lasers stimulate damaged hair cells just below the surface of the scalp, stabilising hair loss whilst improving hair thickness and texture.

Laser therapy is fast becoming the go-to hair regrowth treatment, known for its pain-free and scalable application methods. Our specialised equipment represents the very best hair loss solution – a fantastic investment for any service provider to benefit from.

Fast, Effective and Pain Free Treatment

Cold laser technology allows for fast and effective results that far outstrip other solutions on the market. It’s fast becoming the go-to hair re-growth treatment because it is pain-free and non-invasive with fully scalable application methods.

During laser treatment, a patient’s entire scalp is covered in focused laser diodes at a wavelength of 650 nanometres. This ensures no hair cells are bypassed – a typical 20-minute treatment touches on every affected area with a concentrated blast of laser light particles.

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A fantastic investment for patient and technician

Increasingly hair loss sufferers are aware that laser therapy can produce fantastic results without the stress and expense of surgery. Our specialised equipment represents the very best hair loss solution – a fantastic investment for any service provider.

Hair re-growth clinics can offer laser treatment as a quick and effective solution, especially for those in the early stages of hair loss. When aligned with dermotrichological advice and treatments, the results may be visible within weeks, leading to great satisfaction rates for patients and business.

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Haair Laser Technology
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