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Low Level Laser Therapy - from only £17 per Session

A Leading Hair Loss Solution at Haair

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) can provide fantastic solutions for hair loss conditions including Alopecia. Laser therapy stimulates damaged hair cells just below the surface of the scalp, stabilising hair loss whilst improving hair thickness and texture. Treatment is especially effective for those in the early stages of hair loss.

Fast, Effective and Pain Free Treatment

Laser therapy can produce fast, effective results without the stress and expense of surgery. It’s fast become the go-to hair re-growth treatment because it is pain-free and non-invasive. When used alongside appropriate scalp treatments, the results can be visible within weeks.

How It Works…

The science of hair growth and loss

Hair grows in a continuous cycle made up of four stages – Growth, Transition, Resting and Shedding. Every hair will go through this life cycle, no matter what your age or gender. Up to 20% of your hair will be in the Transition or Resting stage ready to shed. Every shed hair in turn, should be replaced by the growth of a new one. Up to 90% of your hair is growing, a stage that usually lasts between 3 and 6 years. However, when the Growth stage begins to shorten, hair loss will start to set in.

Low level ‘cold’ lasers are at the heart of our cutting edge hair loss technology. Laser treatment stimulates the damaged hair follicles just a few mm below the surface of the scalp, increasing protein production and flow of oxygen in a patient’s bloodstream. This increased oxygen flow delivers more nutrients to the hair follicle and reduces levels of DHT hormones. The follicles are able to heal and re-grow normal, healthy hairs, stabilising hair loss and improving hair thickness and texture.

Laser treatment stages

By using laser therapy, hair loss can be halted and reversed in three stages:

  1. Preventing the loss and thinning of hair (usually 2-3 months)
  2. Improving the thickness, strength and shine of hair (3-5 months)
  3. Promoting the growth of new full-sized hairs (6-9 months)

Typical laser treatment

At Haair we recommend the following laser treatment cycle:

  1. 2 x weekly for the first three months
  2. 1 x weekly for the next three months
  3. If further treatment is required, this can be scaled down to 2 x monthly appointments

Each laser treatment lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. The laser machine automatically turns off after the session so patients can return to reception once their treatment is complete. During treatment you can relax and read comfortably. Sessions should be scheduled with at least one day in between to allow the effect of the laser to be maximised.

The Results

Low level laser therapy has remarkable success rates amongst hair loss sufferers. Not only does it prevent excessive shedding, it can also promote the re-growth of thick, healthy hair in a matter of months. 99% of patients find the treatment stops excessive hair loss. 8 out of 10 experience hair re-growth during the course of their treatment.

ihelmet low level laser treatment


one off laser consultation

£ 25 – 30 min session

1 off session, no commitment

low level laser therapy

£20- 30 min session

(Haair Card Members)

low level laser therapy

£170 – 10 x 30 min session

for as little as £17 per session

If you’d like more information on our state of the art laser light therapy, or any of the alternatives we offer,
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