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Book your Haair Consultation

If you are looking for a hair loss solution that works, book your consultation today. We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to come and see us, share a coffee and talk about the different ways we will be able to help.

Understand your symptoms

Many factors can affect the condition of your hair and scalp – poor diet, stress and health problems including hormone in-balances, thyroid problems, bacterial infection and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We will ensure these are all taken into consideration to give you a full diagnosis and support to understand why you are experiencing symptoms of hair loss and scalp conditions.

Customized advice and treatment

We tailor our advice and treatment options to meet your needs and help you to develop and maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp. For many people this is a process that may require further tests and visits to the clinic before we can offer the most appropriate treatment and products.

An initial consultation will last up to an hour and include us taking a full case history and examining your hair and scalp . Consultations are entirely confidential and all treatment options and products suggestions optional.


Haair Patient Cards

To ensure we give customers the best value for money and ongoing access to consultation, check-up, advice and treatment, we offer Haair Patient Cards at £90.

These include:

  • All consultations and check up visits INCLUDED for up to 2 years, at any Haair clinic
  • 10% discount off all Kapyderm products
  • Discounts on low level laser therapy treatment

One Off Consultations

Single Consultation Visit which is recommend for people who one only want one off consultation price £50 –   Consultations last approximately one hour and include examination of your scalp and hair, diagnosis for your condition, prognosis and recommend the appropriate treatment this need

If you’d like more information on our state of the art laser light therapy, or any of the alternatives we offer,
call us today on 0113 320 0866

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