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About Us

Lucas Kadzior Dermotrichologist and founder of Haair
hair loss treatment information pack


At Haair we are dedicated to providing hair and scalp care that is accessible, effective and affordable. Hair loss and scalp problems are very common for both men and women of all ages, but treatment options can be disappointingly limited. Many people do not get a proper diagnosis for the symptoms they are experiencing, or they leave it too late, making treatment difficult. There are a huge range of hair and scalp conditions that can cause problems, many of which go overlooked.

A personal journey

My interest in hair and scalp care began when I experienced first-hand the frustrating lack of options after I noticed the early symptoms of hair loss. I had to travel a long way for a professional consultation and spend more than I would have liked on treatment. I completed a course of low level laser treatment and was pleased with the end results – but it left me thinking there must be a better way for other people.

Introducing Trichology to the UK

After a great deal of research I discovered Kapyderm and undertook all their training to become a qualified trichologist. Their specialist product offering and treatments are unrivalled in the hair loss market and I am passionate that they should be widely available in the UK. Kapyderm is already well known in Europe, treating over 1 million customers, with over 20 years experience in hair and scalp care.

Good access, advice and affordability

I set up Haair in 2015 with the aim of delivering these benefits for customers with concerns about their hair and scalp. We now offer a full range of services including trichology consultations, low level laser therapy, genetic testing and scalp and hair treatments.

We have also written a series of e-books on hair and scalp problems and their solutions – please complete the form to the right of this text. You should find these useful, and hopefully they will help you understand some of the hair and scalp symptoms you may be experiencing.

Please do book a consultation with us at Haair, where we can discuss your case in detail, give you a full diagnosis and the treatment options available.


Kind regards,

Lucas Kadzior
Trichologist and founder of Haair